Movie or Book I’d recommend:

Who hasn’t cheered when the house lands on the Wicked Witch of the East? “The Wicked Witch is Dead!” everyone cheers. And who hasn’t felt warm as toast when the the glimmering Glenda the Good gently floats down on her shiny bubble? Like a great mother of compassion seeking to kiss all the owchie boo boos of the world.

But what if we were wrong in our basic assumptions? In the story Wicked, that is investigated. In a somewhat light, fun, and oh very musical way.

Like so many stories about the awkward teenage years, comes the girl who is born green and has to fit into school. Life brings out all the inadequacies, and hiding sometimes is the best way to survive.

Whereas if you’re the most popular piece of Marsh-mellow fluff to walk the solar system, is that all there is to you? Would be a question Glenda might ask herself.

But of course we find that they need each other to save themselves.


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