SO I am having a really hard time just trying to post anything on this blog.  I am pretty blog illiterate I think.  The sad thing is this is wordpress, and they have simplified things quite a bit.  I have another blog that is going fine I think.  I am posting some art work there.  But there are definitely other things that I am a bit confused on.

Anyways.  I am a beginning writer.  I think of myself that way because I am spending sometime writing.  Not because I am good at it, or that I will necessarily one day be good at it.  Though I do wish there was a magic pill I could take every morning that would turn me into an Ernest Hemingway or Stephen King, or some other great writer.

It reminds me of the movie The Words.  The man in the story was trying to be a writer but he was really struggling.  It could be that he hadn’t gone through the right metamorphisis yet, worked at it enough, or maybe he just wasn’t a writer, however..he didn’t have the stuff it took, and he found something outside his own internal tools that was the answer, the secret pill to his problems.

That is also a part of my life.  This feeling that I am not good enough as me.  And artistically I am pretty terrible.  And with a lifetime of put downs from my mother, the quest of my life is being ‘good enough’ for me.

Anyways, I hope you like something here.  I am hoping to write someday, something finished.  I am just starting a regimen of actual writing.  Not just planning to write sometime in the future.  It hasn’t been everyday.

A big break through in discipline had been the other day when I set the timer not for 15 to 20 minutes but more like an hour and a half and I didn’t write small things but I attempted to write a full story.

However I got stuck in the same place where I always get stuck.  I picture this quest for a spiritual treasure buried in places within the earth, but the practicality of getting it.  Well my character like me has his head in the clouds at the moment and needs to get down to business and draw a plan.


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